Teaching our Children Generosity

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile”- Albert Einstein

How do we teach our children to be generous in a world that is so wrapped up in themselves? Is it possible? Even as we sit and watch hundreds of refugees needing assistance and all most of the world can think about is what about me? 

How do we hold on to the generosity within our own hearts without being tainted by those around us who have lost it? I’m sure many generations before me have said this but, I feel like now more than ever before we need to be more generous and thoughtful towards others. The world needs it and, everything is a ripple effect

One generous deed can easily turn into many generous deeds. I love the “pay it forward” trend that seems to be going around.

What better trend to have in the world than generosity? generosity

Have you ever walked in to a Starbucks and the lady told you someone just paid for your coffee or you drive up to a toll booth and the lady says the man ahead of you paid for you. It’s truly the little things in life we do that makes a difference. I’ve just come to realize this myself.

I always thought once my kids get older I’ll…or when I have money I’ll….but, I can do something now. I can pay for someone’s coffee or toll or send them an inspiring text message. 

Generosity isn’t about money.

And, that’s where people get stuck. They think they need money or time. You don’t need either. Be generous with uplifting words, your smile, hugs, clothes you never wear, and your gifts & talents given to you.

Lately I’ve been feeling like I need to practice what I preach. Then I wondered what can I do to be generous? What talent do I have to give?nepal 2

Hello Angela!!! You cook! Feed people. So, that’s what I’m doing. And I want you to join in on the generosity. On October 2nd I’ll be doing a fundraiser for 108 Lives. It’s an organization founded by my Teacher Hector Marcel. 100% of the money given to 108 Lives goes to the children of Nepal who were left orphaned by the devastation that happened in 2015. 

They are building schools, providing shelter & medical care to these children. They also provide tools to help the children deal with the trauma in their lives because of this tragedy. 

I personally invite you to join me on October 2nd for a night of Yoga led by Michael Penque of The Yoga House followed by a vegetarian dinner made by me The Healthy Chef Lady and we’ll end the night with an inspiring talk by Hector Marcel founder of 108 Lives. 

To purchase a ticket you can do so here. 

Share, Invite your friends or donate directly to this cause by visiting 108lives.org

That takes us back to the question of how do we teach this to our children to be generous people in the world? We teach it to them by showing them with our actions and being generous ourselves. 


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