“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Angela on a variety of projects over the past year, and she’s a total pro! Her recipes are beyond delicious and her ideas to get both kids and adults eating more healthfully are fun, fresh and creative.”                                                                              

Joy Bauer - Nutritionist  for Today show
Joy Bauer – Nutritionist for Today show



—Joy Bauer, MS, RDN
Health and Nutrition Expert for NBC’s TODAY Show


“After my wife’s passing, eating and eating right were at both ends of the spectrum. But, with Angela’s guidance, programs and support my son and I were able to lose over 80 pounds in just 21 months.

Angela’s unique blend of humor, simplicity, and her insight into what “drives us to sugar” were the motivating

Hank Rosen President of Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Hank Rosen President of Wine Enthusiast Magazine

forces to our success. With her help we became food healthy and in turn healthier with just a little bit of exercise. Her sense of preserving what we crave in our food and her ability to deliver the same taste is what makes the Chef Lady so incredible.”

Hank Rosen                                                                                                                      

Wine Enthusiast Companies

“Angela has worked with our summer teen program, Total Teen Experience, for 2 summers now and the experience has been phenomenal! Our summer program is designed for teens with social deficits who need extra emotional support.

Angela is able to communicate effectively with both the teens and our staff, provide the teens with guidance and instruction, and engage them in a way that allows them to explore, learn and have fun! Besides those amazing qualities, her cooking skills are outstanding and food is delicious!”
Michele Koenig LPC, LMFT
Director of Clinical Programs
Rockland Jewish Family Service

I have had the pleasure of working both personally with Angela & using her online program. Her knowledge,

Tiffany Barbatto Grosso New City NY
Tiffany Barbatto Grosso
New City NY

content, fresh, fun ideas & “can do” attitude have changed my life.

I was so impressed by Angela’s personal story that I thought if she can do it so can I!!

As a busy mom juggling 3 active boys, a part time career & a hubby who travels Angela & her program taught me how to save time, prep healthy delicious meals & get my picky eaters to enjoy healthier food! Positive, motivated & dedicated to serving her clients needs Angela & The Healthy Chef Lady online program has truly been a God send for me & my family! Her  teachings will last a lifetime & you will love her passion to serve others & help you & your family have a healthy happy life!


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