Family Meal Prep Challenge

Learn how to cook a weeks worth of Nutritious Delicious meals for your family  just one day a week!

Are you frustrated with not having enough time to cook the kind of meals you want to feed your family? 

Do you really want to make healthy meals your kids & spouse will eat but don’t know where to start. Are you tired after a long day at work or running around with the kids all day? 

You probably feel like you’ve tried everything to get your kid’s to eat healthy with little or no success. I’m sure you’re frustrated with all the conflicting advise out there in the media about what to buy & what to eat.

Are you on a mission to bring some kind of healthy options in to your household? Do you enjoy learning new ways to get your picky eaters to eat, get hubby on the health train & save time and money doing it?

You would love my digital program Family Meal Prep Challenge! 

I pored all my knowledge into this program so people would be able to learn from the comfort of their home at their own convenience & have it for life. 

So many people have told me to do this for years!! People have had so much success when I work with them in person and teach them simple little tricks to getting their kids to eat fruits & veggies. Meal prepping to save you over 15 hours a week of cooking time in the kitchen & easy ways to create diversity. 

I know what it’s like ….

I have four kids of my own and I have always been a very active woman working and taking care of my kids. Having my kids and I eat healthy has always been very important to me. 

Yet, I always struggled with TIME! And never having enough of it. I also grew more and more frustrated over trying to figure out what to cook & forget about it if someone got sick and had to go to the Dr’s unexpectedly. That would totally throw me for a loop and we’d end up ordering Chinese food or pizza.

I also know what it’s like to buy healthy food and have your kid’s not eat it. Hate it and see money go right down the drain. 

When I became a single Mom staying healthy became even more of a challenge for me. Being able to shop, cook and get my kid’s to eat the meals I cooked for them was a challenge.

Inspite of all of that I figured out how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, save money, get my kid’s to love what I make and save me hours every week in the kitchen.

I share this for two reasons.

  1. To let you know that you can get your kid’s to eat fruits & vegetables.
  2. You don’t have to slave over the stove every night to provide your family with a healthy meal. 

What exactly is The Family Meal Prep Challenge?

It’s an online course with a community of like minded you can take at your own pace. You have the option to call in to a group coaching class to ask questions and get guidance. 

This is exactly what I do to get healthy meals on the table for all of our meals. I took me years to figure this all out. A lot of trial and error and a ton of money down the drain. After I figured it out I began teaching Mom’s in the area how to do the same. 

I want to share this with everyone and help Mother’s who are trying to do this. 

Access to our private Facebook page to connect with other like minded Mom’s and get support when needed

This is exactly what you get 

  • 4 modules a welcome and then one for every meal time           2016-05-02 (12)
  • Each module teaches you how to..
  • Commit to a healthy habit successfully
  • Create a money saving menu filled with items your family will eat
  • How to swap unhealthy items for healthy one’s so you can enjoy your favorite meals
  • how to read labels
  • What sweeteners to use
  • What Brand’s are best
  • How to cook grains
  • Creating simple variations for diversity in every meal while saving money  2016-05-02 (13)
  • Adding extra nutrients to your meals in simple ways 
  • Making a money saving shopping list 
  • Figuring out just how much food to buy so you don’t have any waste
  • Step by Step process for Meal Prepping meals for your entire family in just a couple of hours once a week
  • How to eat healthy when your not home
  • How to prep like a Chef for maximizing your time in the kitchen
  • Best ways to store your meals for easy heat & eat
  • How to get your family on board with healthy eating
  • Coordinating ingredients with each meal to save time & money     2016-05-02 (17)
  • Complete cooking instructions
  • How to Video’s
  • How to use the same ingredients to make over 10 different dishes
  • Learn no cook meal ideas
  • Semi cooked meal ideas
  • 55 recipes
  • Chef secrets to create gourmet meals
  • Healthy marinades
  • Guide on what herbs to use, how to store them
  • Guide to healthy oils
  • Learn how to take 1 recipe & interchange them with various ingredients to create variety with any of your favorite recipes.
  • Step by step instructions to cook all 3 meals at once in 3 different ways to choose

Here are some result’s you’ll get…

This is for you if…

This isn’t for you if…

But, wait there’s more!

I created a whole section dedicated to getting your kid’s to eat healthy. It includes…2016-05-02 (14)

  • 30 page guide to get your kids eating healthy with kid tested & approved recipes
  • 2 Bite Club PDF Chart to get your kids motivated to try new things
  • Youtube clips from kid favorite shows
  • Step by Step videos that give you the Dos & Don’ts 
  • Step by Step video guide to get your Teenagers to eat healthy

The investment for this program is only $97
 Buy nowFAQ’S

How much does it cost to work with you?

Programs are tailored to fit each individual need. I have several packages to fit most budgets.

Should I choose the online coaching program or the one on one?
That depends on you. The online coaching program is done as a group with a lot of support from other people taking it as well as myself. I provide weekly coaching calls we do as a group. Working one on one is more private and we work on your specific needs.

What do I get with the program?
My online coaching program provides tons of simple delicious recipes, shopping lists, tips, cooking videos, homework, audios, goals worksheet, journal, food diary, Private Facebook forum where you can connect with others taking the program and myself.

I have never done an online program how does it work?
Online programs are great because you can go at your own pace, in your own home without the added extra expense of finding babysitters or traveling. It is also more affordable than working one on one with a private coach. It works like this, you will receive an email from me with a link and a password to gain access to all the modules and bonuses. All you have to do is click on the links and listen to the audio or read the e-book and watch the videos. There I will give you step by step instructions on how the Program works. You will also have live weekly call in sessions with me.

How long does it take to go thru the program?
You can take as much or as little time as you want. That’s the great thing about e-courses. I do recommend you keep pushing through without any lags to keep you on your path. The program runs for 9 straight weeks helping you to lean in to each course week by week in a stress free way. That’s what my program is all about moving at your own pace, getting comfortable with the change your working on now before moving onto the next one.

How much time do I have to spend on it?
There are audios that come with the program you can easily listen to it bit by bit or all at once. There are also videos to teach you cooking techniques to help you cook like a pro. You can spend as little or as much time as you want on it. I would say that between listening to the audios, watching the videos and prepping for your meals will take about 2-3 hours a week if you do them all. That is entirely up to you.

What if I don’t like it?
Just return it! I don’t want anyone to purchase anything they are not happy with although I know you’ll love it!!

Is there any support along the way?
Yes, we have a private Facebook forum you can contact myself and others through. You may also submit questions there as well as thru email and I also hold live weekly coaching calls to answer those questions.

Can I do the online program and work with you?
Absolutely!! You can purchase the online program and set up weekly , bi-weekly or monthly coaching sessions either in person, thru Skype or over the phone.

What credentials do you have?
I graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute for health & culinary arts in 2009. Nutrition education was exactly what our curriculum was based around. Not only teaching people how to cook healthy for themselves but how to get healthy. I have also worked closely with my Nutritionist and learned a great deal from her. I have also taught Nutrition education at Cornell Cooperative, I ran a culinary program at The Children’s Village, many non-profits. I have cooked for the French consulate and the First Lady of Guatemala. 

I have also been able to impress and get the three teenagers that live in my house to eat a thing or two.

How do you know this will work on my kids?
Since graduating I have taught children throughout New York including NYC and throughout the Hudson Valley. I have learned what works and what doesn’t. I have 4 live in critics that always keep me on my feet teaching me exactly what kids will and won’t like.

What if I don’t like it? Can I get my money back?

Yes, if your not satisfied you get 100% of your money back within the first 30 days of purchase. I want everyone to be happy and if you’re not happy with the program I’ll give you a complete refund. 

money back

Here are real people with real results.

I have had the pleasure of working both personally with Angela & using her online program. Her knowledge, content,

Tiffany Barbatto Grosso New City NY
Tiffany Barbatto Grosso
New City NY

fresh, fun ideas & “can do” attitude have changed my life.

I was so impressed by Angela’s personal story that I thought if she can do it so can I!!

As a busy mom juggling 3 active boys, a part time career & a hubby who travels Angela & her program taught me how to save time, prep healthy delicious meals & get my picky eaters to enjoy healthier food! Positive, motivated & dedicated to serving her clients needs Angela & The Healthy Chef Lady online program has truly been a God send for me & my family! Her  teachings will last a lifetime & you will love her passion to serve others & help you & your family have a healthy happy life!

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