Listening to your own GPS

As a Mom I always have a list of thing’s I have to accomplish everyday. There are so many times I feel the sensation to pop. I have learned that this is my inner guide what I call my own GPS that is telling me to stop.

Even just for a moment. Listen to youe own internal compass. The signals you get maybe 

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Frustration
  • Irritation
  • Anger

These are the emotions that tell me that I need to stop! That I am doing too much and that I need to “take a chill pill”.  Our society has us run to pills and this blocks us from feeling our emotions. In primal days they were guided by these things. It’s what saved their life. 


Our inner compass may be directing us not to take that job, marry that person or to just simply slow down. When I feel like i’m going to “pop” that’s when I stop & say to myself it’s time to be still. Even if it’s for a few minutes right where I am in my car, my couch or on a long line in Target. I stop, breath & release. 

Listening to your own inner GPS
Listening to your own inner GPS

I release the need to be angry, fustrated or anything else that doesn’t make me feel good. I say to myself it’s ok if all the things don’t get done. It’s ok if none of those things get done. It’s ok if you don’t write your blog no one’s reading it anyway lol. Find a way to make yourself laugh in the midst of your to do list. 

Pull out your phone and find a funny Youtube video here’s one right now. Put on a song that makes you smile here’s my go to song. I have an entire playlist on my phone. Make sure to make yourslef laugh when your inner GPS tells you to stop. 

I have found that whatever I’m doing can wait and when I do this I can return to what needs to be done in a much greater way. 

Even if what I’m returning to is calling cable & paying the bill. What I find is that when I’m on hold for 30 minutes with them I’m relaxed & I don’t scream when they finally answer the phone. 

So, listen to your own inner GPS and when you reach a signal to stop. Then stop. A few minutes of stopping can really change your day.

Here are a few v-logs from Gabby Bernstein one of my favorite teachers who teach this. 

How to know the difference between my ego and my inner guide.

How to release fear. 

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