My secret to get kid’s to drink Green Smoothies

You wanna know my secret to getting kid’s to eat Green Smoothie?

ICEPOPS baby!!!       

Lil Ant lickin a green smoothie ice pop
Lil Ant lickin a green smoothie ice pop

This big idea came when I was brain storming ideas for the Today show. They send me challenges their viewers have and I need to find a solution.

Joy Bauer was working on a segment where she needed to get her Co-hosts kid’s to eat healthy. This was going on national TV and kid’s are very honest. There was no wiggle room here. We had to figure out what worked before the cameras came in to tape.

Mom especially wanted to find a way to get her kid’s to drink green smoothies.

So as we brain stormed all kinds of things like pureed broccoli in the ketchup, cauliflower in the mac & cheese we had to find a way to get the kids to eat green smoothies.

Mom really wanted that.

Viola! Green smoothie ice pops! It was a hit! To this day it’s Mom’s go to for the kids because they liked it so much.

Phew! Thank God for that.

Here are a few ice pops my kids love & one that I can’t stop myself from eating.

This is the recipe we used for the show. The kid’s loved it!                          green ice pops

Today show Smoothie Ice pop Recipe!

Here are my kid’s favorite!                                               

Here’s my favorite!

Ice pop molds are so cheap their ridiculous and if you can’t seem to find them at the stores here are some I found on Amazon. Click here to see the amazing ones I found on Amazon!

  • Another thing you can use is ice cube trays. My local dollar store sells those little wooden old school ice pop sticks. You can buy a bag of 80 for just a buck, plus tax lol.
  • Here’s what you do. Blend your favorite green smoothie recipe & choose which way your going to freeze them. Place the smoothie in your mold of choice & place in freezer for atleast 3 hours.
  • You can rack up on these babies like crazy and pop them out store them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer and have them ready to go for an afternoon snack.

Now I challenge you!  Share this with a friend. You take two recipes and make ice pops & she takes two recipes. Then you can have an ice pop swap where she takes half of the one you made for half the ones she made so you both have an even bigger variety for your kids to choose from.




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