Getting your picky eaters to eat!

I remember when my oldest son was 1 and 2 years old.  All he wanted to eat was pasta and rice and a bottle. I literally mean that’s all he would eat.  I wish I knew then what I know now because I would have at least gave him brown rice and brown rice pasta.  He ended up being the most adventurous eater out of all of my kids.  I kid you not he eats oysters, salmon, mussels, kiwi, star fruit he absolutely loves raspberries.  He will eat a whole carton on his own.  How did he get this way? It took time and patience.  I have to give the Chiropractor he was going to for a while some credit for my son eating salmon.  When he encouraged him to eat it because it was brain food that’s all my son would say.  Mommy buy salmon I need it, its brain food.  I also began changing what I was eating.

 As a whole family we changed.  To think that you can eat a piece of cake and your kids are going to eat fruit is ridiculous.  We are our child’s first teacher.    This is why I whole heartedly believe in the entire family changing their diets.  I hate to even use the word diet because it’s more of a lifestyle.  I am still working on my lifestyle changes.  I never pushed food on my kids I encouraged them.  So, I asked my kids what helped them to start eating healthier.  And this is what they said.  You always had it around and we always saw you guys eat it.  They also said they didn’t know why. My oldest told me he became curious when he saw others eat things. I think it’s because I didn’t give them an option.  I just made a choice to have certain things in the house and not have other things. 

I was also patient which is odd because I’m not a very patient person.  I guess since I was on the journey with them it made things easier.  When I worked for Cornell Cooperative teaching nutrition education the main thing they encouraged us to teach parents was to be consistent.  By consistent we never meant shoving food down kid’s mouths. We encouraged parents to consistently put the spinach on their plate and encourage them to eat it.  It takes up to 15 times before our taste buds get use to something.  So even if your kid eats it and don’t like it keep on trying they will eventually get used to it.  Here is a cool and simple way to get kids to eat fruit. 

Rainbow fruit Pop

Fresh or frozen Strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, mangos.

Blend each fruit and keep them in separate bowls.  You may have to add a touch of water I would say ½ cup water to every 1 cup of fruit.  This will help it to blend well.  You don’t have to add water though. After your fruit is blended fill ice pop molds with pureed fruit alternating colors.  Freeze for 4-5 hours and serve.  Don’t even tell them its fresh fruit unless they help you to make it which is what I always encourage.  When kids make their own food you will be surprised with what they’ll eat.rainbow pop

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