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Tuscan Tomato Salad

This recipe means so much to me. It’s my boyfriends families handed down from generation to generation. I remember when I first started dating him and I was in the kitchen with him and his mother in his Grandfathers house which was purchased after his Grandfather won a gambling game while serving in the Army. …


black bean burger

Black Bean Chipotle burger

No this recipe is not from Chipotle. It has chipotle peppers in it and, its super easy, delicious and you can make a batch of them & freeze them.  I love spicy stuff and I love a good bean burger. Don’t get me wrong I love a meat burger too. It’s just sometimes a nice…


Kale chips

Kale chip recipes

A different spin on potato chips. It’s kale chips. I’m sure by now you’ve heard about these but did you know they could be cooked in different flavors rather easily? Surprisingly kids love these chips even tho they are made out of the green stuff.  Their so easy to make anyone and I mean anyone…


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