5 Creative ways to Purchase the Right amount of Food

Figuring out how to purchase the right amount of food at the supermarket can be difficult. This is the number one question I get asked all the time. To be honest there is no simple answer.  Your husband may eat a half of a rotisserie chicken and mine may eat a whole one. Your kid’s may eat 2 quesadillas mine may eat 4! I do want to help you out with this so here are a few tips.  fixed scared supermarket

 Tips to help you out!

  • Think like a Chef! When I cater a job we always want to make sure that we only buy what we need so we don’t have any waste. This is how we do it. Remember two words plan and assign!Plan what your making aka make a Menu and assign your dishes amounts! If you have chicken stir fry on the menu,  maybe you’ll “assign” or plan to use 1 bell pepper, 2 onions, 2 cloves of garlic, 1/2 head broccoli & 1/2 package of mushrooms. Then on your shopping list you’ll write all of these items down in quantity. I always use a pencil because as I continue to fill my menu I may change the quantity of something. Don’t waste! Use the other 1/2 broccoli & mushrooms for another dish. Maybe you’ll steam the broccoli for a side with some chicken & sauteed mushrooms on top. Now you have no waste Get it? 
  • Don’t forget you can always freeze anything left over. This not only goes for meat but, veggies & fruit as well. So, if you buy too much, freeeeeeeze it!! (In my high pitched Wilma Flintstone voice). Throw them in a ziploc bag and use it next week. Why buy frozen vegetables when you can freeze them yourself. 
  • Get creative! If you have any leftovers see how they can be used in a salad, smoothie, eggs or as a side dish etc.. Here’s an example. If I buy a big bag of spinach cause it’s on sale or its a 2 for 1 deal i’ll use spinach in my smoothie, spinach instead of lettuce in my salad, spinach in my eggs, on my sandwich, spinach stuffed with cheese in a chicken breast or as a side sauteed with one of my dinners. Do ya see how easy this is?
  •  Learn to just throw random stuff in your food. There are no rules with food. Just because you never saw it done that way doesn’t mean it can’t be done.So if you have a few veggies going to waste chop em up and throw them in anything! Soup, salad, sandwich, pasta dishes. The list goes on to just about anything!
  • Use recipes! When your starting off using recipes can help in figuring out how much food you need. Here is a chart to breakdown cup measurements into pounds. 

I hope that helped and, if you have any other friends that could benefit from this be a good friend and share this post with them. 

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