How my journey began

There are no accidents

I got into the health & wellness path totally by accident. Although I don’t believe in accidents I believe what we need finds us. 

I was a young Mom, very young. I had 3 kids by the time I was 20 and worked hard to give them everything I thought they needed. A house, private schools but never had health on that list. For me it was all material items I felt they needed. I worked hard started a business and gave my children the life I wanted them to have. 

Everything was on that list except health. In the course of giving them everything I became exhausted, run down & constantly sick. What I didn’t realize is that true wealth is health

My older son was then diagnosed with A.D.H.D. I was exhausted and overwhelmed with not knowing what to do to help him pay attention & retain information. I changed schools several time & still had not found the answer. I was stuck I had an 8 year old child who couldn’t stay still , pay attention & was having a hard time retaining information. He didn’t want to take the medication and his school was complaining about his lack of concentration and I was left with trying to figure out the solution.

My turning point     IMG_8800

After a meeting at his school one day a teacher approached me with information about a nutritionist she had been seeing. At this point I was so desperate I would try anything. My son began seeing her every week. She gave us homework, she made us do food diaries and gave us supplements to take. I loved the changes I saw and I began seeing her myself because I had no energy, I was crashing all the time and I was always sick. So I thought why not give her a chance to see what she could do with my situation. I started seeing her then my whole family and eventually we just organically turned into a healthy household.

Finally an answer
Teachers began seeing a difference in my son and I stopped crashing. I create a healthy lifestyle for me and my family.

Then I hit a plateau

I began to crash again. My Nutritionist told me I needed to figure out what else was causing me unnecessary stress and get rid of it. I had to take a good look at my life and realize my marriage was not healthy and never had been. I knew if I was going to leave I had to leave everything behind and start all over.

I had no idea I would become a Natural Food Chef me dory george

So, in 2009 I left my business and my marriage. Both the business and the marriage were also part of what played a role in my health problems. I knew I wanted to pursue my passion of helping others get healthy, but I also loved cooking and had been passionate about food since I was a little girl. I searched high and low and found this awesome school called the Natural Gourmet Institute. I went to visit the school and immediately loved it and decided this is where and how I wanted to start my new career.

Keeping my household healthy as a single Mom

Midway through school I filed for divorce and my life drastically changed. I went from a six figure household income with two parents to an income that was slashed by 75-85%. Now what was I going to do? I was working 3 different jobs just for my little apartment filled with nick knack furniture people gave me. I refused to abandon my healthy lifestyle because of the way it made me feel and the success it brought my son at school.

There was no going back! I had to figure out how I was going to…

  • Cook healthy food that my kid’s would eat
  • Shop healthy on a very small budget
  • Cook with only half the time I normally had

It was frustrating and the first two years were hard but, it helped me become creative and realize that you don’t need a six figure income to get healthy. This is my mission to share with the world. How I did it! How I got my family healthy and kept them healthy on a tight budget with little time and a whole new way of life for us.  

me and kids

Since Culinary school I have taught children’s cooking classes & nutrition education to families all over New York. 

Some of the places I have taught

  • Cornell Cooperative 
  • Harlem Children’s Zone
  • Art’s Alliance
  • Jewish Family Services
  • Children’s Village
  • Keys to Abundant life
  • Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center
  • Newburgh Armory
  • RP Connor Elementary 

I also help create recipes for Joy Bauer Nutritionist on the Today show!

I also run a Culinary program every summer for children on the Autism spectrum with the Nyack J.F.C.  

I have spent the last 6 years teaching cooking classes and educating children and adults about nutrition. If I told you what I got kids to eat it would knock your socks off!

one of my cooking classes!
one of my cooking classes!



I have run cooking and nutrition education classes for children and adults and have learned so much from the people I have worked with. Nothing excites me more than to see families eating healthy and doing it together.


My passion and what I live for is to see people get healthy and see how easy it is. That’s what makes me Healthy, Happy & Whole.

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