6 Tips to get your Teenagers to eat Healthy

Oh yes I used those two words in the same sentence. It is possible to get your teenagers to eat healthy. 

Getting Teenagers to Eat Healthy
Getting Teenagers to Eat Healthy

Not easy but it’s possible. Teenagers will make you want to rip your hair out to begin with, then you add in trying to get them to eat a bit healthier. That’s the perfect recipe for a headache.

Since I have 3 teenagers living and breathing right now I’ve found a few things that work that may help you.

  • Feed them what they like

Teenagers usually eat the same stuff all the time. Tacos, quesadilla’s, chicken parm, mac & cheese, protein shakes or hip smoothies. So give them what they like just make sure to use healthy ingredients. 


Lately I have been making trays of baked ziti or mac & cheese for them to feast on all week long. I’ll use brown rice pasta and I throw in some diced chicken & veggies to make it a full meal. They also love sandwiches so I buy Apple gate cold cuts since they have no nitrates, hormones or GMO’s. I buy them turkey, ham & cheese so they have that as an option and of course 100% whole wheat or multi grain bread.

  • Keep it simple

Don’t stress yourself out and feel like you have to make gourmet meals because guess what?! They don’t want that. Their teenagers and they like simple stuff so make them simple stuff that’s healthy. I also make sure I always have shredded cheese and tortilla shells around because throwing together a quesadilla takes minutes. Peanut butter sammy’s never go out of style. You can purchase either natural peanut or almond butter with no sweeteners or salt and add a healthy sweetener like raw local honey, sea salt or maple syrup. 

  • Keep cut up fruit in the frig!

I also noticed that when I cut my fruit up and had it easily accessible to eat, they ate it. Once you get home from the supermarket wash & dice up your fruits and veggies. This makes easy access for everyone. I also make sure I buy the fruits & veggies they like. Why fight the wind? Go with the wind. If they like strawberries and apples then buy that.

And if you think they won’t eat healthy my other piece of advice that has worked for me since the beginning of my journey is this.

  • Don’t make unhealthy options available

Trust me on this they’ll get hungry enough to eat the multi-grain bread you bought,  the fruit in the frig or the black bean chips that are now staring at them on the shelf.

Another realization I had last summer was…                                                           

Getting Teenagers to Eat Healthy
Getting Teenagers to Eat Healthy
  • Their never too old for ice pops

I spent an entire day last Summer making ice pops. Originally it was for my 3 year old but my teenagers kept eating them. I couldn’t get mad because they were healthy. What I did realize is that this was another great way to get my teenagers to eat healthy.

My last and most valuable piece of advice I had to learn for myself.

  • Don’t be too serious.

I am a huge soda police person. I hated it even as a child. I do know that my kid’s drink it when their out with their friends and I even allow them to order 7 -UP and some pizza a few times a month as a treat. I do not advocate crazy because crazy never works.

Consistent, creative & practical does work.  

Getting teenagers to eat healthy isn’t that hard. Keep it simple, give them what they want & don’t stress. They give us enough to stress out about don’t let food be another one.

Here are a few of my ice pop recipes my Teens loved. 

My son George devoured these Pina Colada Pops and I can’t blame him. 

Everyone loved these Pink ice pops. They’re addicting!!

Share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments below. And if you liked this share this girlfriend! We’re all in this together and we need to help each other out with our ideas to get our kids healthy.


Thank you for Sharing, Reading & joining the conversation,

Angela- The Healthy Chef Lady


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