5 Tips to Save 30 Minutes in the Kitchen

These 5 tips will save you 30 minutes in the kitchen every single night. I don’t know about how it works in your world. In my world, every night it’s a different scenario of what mom needs to do. It’s either driving my teens to work, taking them clothes shopping or a laundry list of other things they spring on me at the last minute.

Even though I am a chef, I am a mom first and the kids come before anything. Since eating healthy is important to me, I had to figure out how to eat healthy with no extra time in my life. I feel like the older my kids get the more they need me and the less time I have.

Everything I list here is what I actually do to stay on track and it is what I teach in my digital course The Family Meal Prep Challenge. Prepping saves my life and keeps me on track. When I slack on prepping I mess my week up and I get so irritated at myself. Prepping ahead works! It doesn’t take much and it helps a ton.

Here are 5 prepping tips you can try.

Meal Prepping Tips
Chop your veggies!
  •         Chop your veggies right after you buy them. Once I get home, I put everything away except my veggies. I clear a space on the counter and set up a bunch of containers and off I go. I chop all my peppers, onions, tomatoes, broccoli and anything else I have purchased. This is great for a “grab & quick cook stir fry”, sausage & peppers, quesadilla or any recipe. Half the battle is won when you don’t have to cut and clean everything daily.


  •         Pre- cook your meat. I love my panini maker because once I have my veggies chopped, I clean my meat, season it and throw it on my panini maker to cook. Once it’s all cooked I keep some in the fridge and I store some in Ziploc freezer bags in the freezer. This makes things super easy to just defrost a piece of meat & drizzle on some pesto, Teriyaki or BBQ sauce.


  •         Make sauces in batches & freeze them. My kids love francese, tomato, lemon butter & pesto sauce. I make large batches and put them in small containers so I can grab them and throw them in with my cooked chicken or fish, pasta or rice dishes. My favorite pesto is artichoke pesto.
storing pesto
storing pesto & sauces
  •         Keep cooked brown rice in the freezer. Brown rice takes a long time to cook! So when I cook it, I make a large pot and put small amounts of it in containers & freeze it. When I need a side of rice or I want to cook some homemade fried rice or rice balls for dinner all I have to do is grab a bag throw it in a bowl and microwave it for a few minutes and I’m done.


  •         Make a menu. Making a menu helps out tremendously. I can’t tell you how much food went bad before I started making menus. Get my menu planner here! I would buy all kinds of things when I went shopping with good intentions to make great things with them. However, I would forget why I had bought them. A weekly menu helps to keep my mind focused. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be as simple as placing the chili with rice & salad on Monday night, the chicken parm on Tuesday, the quesadilla on Wednesday and so on. It helps you to not have to even think about what to make because you made the decision already.

Having little things like this done ahead of time saves loads of time in the kitchen. Most of the time is spent chopping cleaning and cooking. If you can have the chopping done in 30 minutes once a week, have your meat pre-cooked, and have batches of rice ready, all you have to do is throw together the ingredients and you will have a great meal in 10-15 minutes.
What little tricks help you save time in the kitchen?

Leave a comment below and let me know. I love hearing about cool new ways in which I can save more time.

Thank you for reading & sharing. Your ideas and thoughts inspire me more than you know. 

Make sure you Dance a little, Laugh a little & Eat well today!

With Love,



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