4 Health Questions to ask Yourself

Being healthy doesn’t mean your super skinny. I know a lot of super skinny people who aren’t healthy. They deprive themselves of food just to see a certain number on the scale.

I know a lot of not so skinny people who are surprisingly healthy. You have to understand that we are not all built the same. We all have different back rounds and DNA.

I also know a lot of not so skinny people who aren’t healthy. And then I know a lot of skinny Minnie’s who are really healthy.

So how do you know if your healthy? And what does being healthy really mean?

Here are four questions you should be asking yourself everyday to achieve real health & wellness in your life. 

Question one: Where are my greens?

Every meal you eat should contain some kind of leafy greens. That could be chopped parsley, a little spinach,maybe a green smoothie. Green leafy vegetables are packed with nutrients and basically any diet you are on you will always recommend eating green leafy veggies. You just can’t go wrong with them.

38917270 - green smoothie
 green smoothie

 With every meal you have ask yourself the question… where are my greens? Here’s my favorite green smoothie recipe. 

Question two: Did I get at least 8 hours of sleep last night?

Sleep is so important for our health and if you ever get a chance to read Thrive or Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington do it! She breaks down all of the scientific reasons why sleep is so important. Getting proper sleep helps keep me sharp, grounded & easier to handle stressful situations that arise. 

Sleep aids in weight loss, relieves stress, inflammation and so much more. Read this article by Health.com on the importance of sleep.

35333628 - woman nordic speed power walking, jogging and running lightly in forest in spring or summer. sport fitness girl sports training and working out living healthy active lifestyle in forest.

Question three: Did I exercise today?

I’m not talking about these crazy workouts where you spend two hours lifting weights or jumping around and wreaking havoc on your body. I’m not into that! A simple walk, some Yoga or a fun dance class can bring you some great benefits in a fun and relaxing way. I love the Fit bit wrist bands. It’s on my list of things to get and I know of people who have lost tons of weight by getting their 10,000 steps in for the day.

Walking relieves stress, reverses diabetes, high blood pressure &  can improve your mood.

Question four: Have I meditated today? The benefits of meditation are huge and, they can help you with everything from reducing stress, improving concentration, helping your immune system, cardiovascular health & so much more. Meditating has really brought self awareness into my life which has helped me reverse negative habits I had. It has also helped me with my irritability and has helped me be a Mom that’s more present for my kids.

36347751 - woman doing meditation in red costume on the stone near the ocean in gokarna, karnataka, india


If meditating is something you’d like to begin implementing into your life I suggest visiting gobeyong.org They have a wealth of knowledge on their site and several very powerful meditations you can do daily. The founder is my personal Teacher and is an amazing person who left it all to teach the world how to meditate. 

If you found this article helpful share with your friends and help them live a healthy life too! 


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