Teaching our Children Generosity

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile”- Albert Einstein How do we teach our children to be generous in a world that is so wrapped up in themselves? Is it possible? Even as we sit and watch hundreds of refugees needing assistance and all most of the world can think about is…


4 Health Questions to ask Yourself

Being healthy doesn’t mean your super skinny. I know a lot of super skinny people who aren’t healthy. They deprive themselves of food just to see a certain number on the scale. I know a lot of not so skinny people who are surprisingly healthy. You have to understand that we are not all built…


3 Ways to get Kids to eat Healthy Food

“How do I get my kids to eat healthy”? inquiring mom’s always ask. After teaching other people’s children how to eat healthy for the last 6 years and working hard to get my biggest critics (my own kids) to eat healthy, I have found these 3 techniques to be the most successful ways to get…


How to Pick a Healthy Breakfast Cereal

A bowl of Oh’s cereal takes me back to wonderful memories eating a late night snack with my Great Grandfather. I loved that cereal and still do. It kept its crunch long after it had been soaking in milk and then of course you got to drink the cereal milk at the end. Who doesn’t…


storing pesto

5 Tips to Save 30 Minutes in the Kitchen

These 5 tips will save you 30 minutes in the kitchen every single night. I don’t know about how it works in your world. In my world, every night it’s a different scenario of what mom needs to do. It’s either driving my teens to work, taking them clothes shopping or a laundry list of…


Self care

The importance of Self Care

Self care is important for you and those around you. Last month I was at an event for holistic practitioners. The speaker was an MD turned holistic who had studied with Dr. Andrew Weil. After his inspiring talk was over, he opened the floor up for Q & A. I asked him what I needed…


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