Crack your eggs in a bowl

My little healthy breakfast secret!

It’s easier than you think to make a healthy breakfast. My friend Tiffany is addicted to making these little babies for her family.  Once I taught her my dirty little breakfast secret she was off to the races. You can make them in so many ways & so many varieties. She needed more protein in…


We won!

Winning the healthy lunch battle

I won!! Yes it was a battle hard fought by myself & my son’s school lunch. I have been sending lil Anthony to school with his own lunch pretty much since day 1. But, after a while his teacher began giving him the school lunch because he was looking at the other kid’s lunches like he…



What do I do with Quinoa?

Do you look at Quinoa wile shopping and wonder what the heck is this and what the heck do I do with it? Yea well I was one of those people too. What I learned is with anything in life you need to “lean in” to it. Leaning in means taking slow steps towards your…



Are Probiotics important for your health?

Are Probiotics important for your health? Probiotics are everywhere! We are being flooded with ad’s about probiotic’s. The question is do you need it and if so how do I pick a good one? I was having a conversation with a waitress at a Diner the other day about probiotics. She asked me my opinion…


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